July 7, 2010

Losing it for Pelotonia

Owner, Jeff Lusenhop, was interviewed by Pelotonia about his incredible weight loss and training for the upcoming ride on August 20-22. You can read it here or check out the full story, along with other inspirational stories, on the Pelotonia Blog.

"One of the intended consequences of Pelotonia was to motivate people to lead healthier lives.

Which brings us to Jeff Lusenhop, who not too long ago weighed 265 pounds.

Jeff and his wife, Kate, have a lot to smile about these days.
'The primary reason for doing this is to support The James,' said Jeff, 57, who runs Janova, a New Albany software company. 'But there are other bi products for people like myself … We’re changing our lifestyles for the better.'

Pelotonia came along at the same time Jeff decided it was time for a change. A former college catcher (Purdue) with bad knees, Jeff’s weight had gradually reached historic proportions, at least for him. He had knee surgery in 2008 and a knee replacement in 2009.

And then went on a diet and began getting in shape.

'You have to get to the point where you don’t let excuses get in the way,' he said. 'We’d go out to dinner with other people and you’d rationalize and say I have this tonight and make up for it later. And then I never did.'
Now when he goes to a restaurant he knows what to do.
'I never order anything from the menu,' Jeff said. 'Everything is filled with sauces and cooked in butter and fat. I ask for grilled chicken cooked with no butter and vegetables steamed with no added butter or salt. I give specific instructions and leave the restaurant feeling much better.'

And with a doggie bag.

'The big thing is portion control,' Jeff said. 'I never eat the full amount (served).'

Adhering to his diet and training for Pelotonia have worked – and Jeff now weighs 188 pounds, a 77-pound loss. His goal is to lose another 15 or 20 pounds.

'And I’ll keep it off,' he vowed. 'Through biking and a lot of more activity.'

Jeff learned of Pelotonia from some of his New Albany friends and neighbors – and signed up for the 43-mile ride along with his wife, Kate.

'I was still recuperating from my knee replacement surgery and didn’t think I could do 100 miles,' he said. 'But when we started riding from Chemical Abstracts and turned onto Olentangy and then went by The James and we saw everyone from there out waving and cheering and people with IVs and in wheelchairs cheering, I turned to Kate and said, ‘Next year we’re doing 100 miles.’ You couldn’t help but be enthusiastic about the cause and I’ve been talking it up with everyone.'

Jeff and Kate formed a Janova peloton – and this year they are signed up for the 100-mile ride, and are excited to do their first century.
'We’re going to enjoy the experience, even if it takes seven or eight hours,' he said."

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