September 1, 2010

My Ride by Jeff Lusenhop

Recently owner, Jeff Lusenhop, was asked by Pelotonia to give his account about how his incredible weight loss and training for the ride on August 20-22 changed his life. You can read it here or check out the full story, along with other inspirational stories, on the Pelotonia Blog.

I learned two very important things from my ride this year.

That's Jeff, the slim guy all the way on the R, next to his wife, Kate, and a couple of friends
First, I would never have been able to complete the 102 miles if I had not lost 85 pounds.  It was very difficult, and I am sure I reached my goal of losing 90 pounds when I reached Athens.  I actually wore a medium biking jersey for the ride – and it fit!  Not bad for a guy who couldn’t even squeeze into an XL shirt just 5 months ago.

Second, training for the downhills is equally important as training for the uphills.  I had to walk my bike uphill three times, and even that was difficult.  But, going almost 40 miles an hour downhill in the rain, with the wet brakes not always working – was a terrifying experience!  We have decided to do a couple of training runs starting at “the hill” next year to help our Janova peloton be more familiar with the course and to work on our strength and endurance.
It was wonderful to see so many cancer survivors riding this year, especially the 102-mile route.  It is through all of our efforts in riding and securing donations that we are beating this disease and that survivors can be strong and healthy.

Someone asked me if I would train more in the rain next year in case of bad weather.  If it rains again for the Pelotonia, we will tough it out again.  If it is raining for the training rides, perhaps some indoor work would be more “interesting.”

My first Pelotonia, I rode an Electra Townie with huge tires. This year I rode a Trek road bike.  Next year, perhaps some additional technology might be in the cards.

See you all next year!

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