What kind of applications can Janova support?

Web-based applications. Basically, if the application can be accessed through a URL, it can be tested using Janova. Janova has offerings in product development that are slated for deployment in 2012 that will allow us to test virtually any type of application (ERP, Mainframe, Mobile).

Does Janova have offerings that are not in the public cloud?

Yes. We have the ability to work with Janova Enterprise clients on a case-by-case basis to build a "custom private cloud" if our traditional public cloud offering does not meet their Information Security department's requirements.

Does Janova support multiple browsers?

Janova is supported in Mozilla Firefox (2.x, 3.x, 4.x)+ for Mac and PC, Safari (3.x, 4.x)+ for Mac and PC and Google Chrome. However, all of the tests are executed in the cloud on either a Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 8 browser, depending on what you want to run.

Does Janova provide a free trial?

Yes. A free 15-day trial of Janova Basic and Janova Professional is available by simply registering online at And a 15-day free trial of Janova Enterprise can be arranged by simply contacting a Janova sales representative at (614) 289-2051.

Is there a demo available?

Yes. A demonstration of Janova can be arranged by contacting a Janova sales representative. Demonstrations can usually be done in person if your office is in the Central Ohio area, and virtual demos via can typically be arranged for anyone outside of that region.

How much does it cost?

Janova Basic - $10 per month per person

Janova Professional - $25 per month per person

Janova Enterprise - $100 per month per person* (Private cloud may affect pricing)

Does Janova have a tool for variable data so users don't have to recreate tests?

Yes. Janova has the ability to create Data Sets. These Data sets are a way to enter and store multiple variables within a single test, eliminating the redundancy of needing to recreate an entire test just to test different acceptance criteria. These are most commonly used on building tests around search results, custom logins, and date validations.

Can I import spreadsheets into Janova?

Not currently, but it is in for a 2012 product release.

Do you use Janova to test Janova?


What kind of training and support is provided for Janova?

Janova has a wide range of free training/support options, including Tutorials, Janova 101, a full Support Library, and the ability to submit questions to our support team by simply submitting a support ticket.

Janova also offers personal training with Janova University for teams that need a few days of personal instruction to get started, as well as Janova Jumpstarts for teams that want to utilize our Janova experts to get mid-to-large projects up and running quickly.

How long of a commitment is required?

No commitment is necessary. Janova is a pay-as-you-go subscription that can flex depending on how many licenses are required from month to month. Janova Enterprise customers do have the option to be invoiced in lieu of credit card billing.

What are the invoicing options for Janova Enterprise customers?

Quarterly, biannually, and annually.

Do you have performance testing capabilities?

Janova was specifically developed for functional testing of web-based applications; however, we have had clients utilize Janova in a performance testing capacity without all the traditional metrics associated with a load-testing specific tool. Janova was not designed for anything other than functional testing, and we cannot guarantee the reliability of performance metrics gathered through this kind of use, but it can be used for performance testing given the scalability of the cloud.

Who are Janova's competitors?

To name a few:


IBM - Rational

SmartBear - TestComplete

What value-add can Janova provide over tools like QTP or Rational?

Quite simply, Janova will save you time and money. Because Janova uses the power of the cloud, it allows users to run more tests in a shorter amount of time (up to 20 times more quickly) with no additional infrastructure requirements. Additionally our tool is very easy to learn, as there is no coding involved and all test scripts use plain English syntax.

Janova is an automated software testing tool that speaks in plain English. Using web based application testing, our software performance testing works behind the scenes through a cloud-based system of workers. A web application test can be created in seconds in English vernacular eliminating the need to know complicated code and clearly communicates the requirements of your software quality assurance testing.