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Janova Expands Options for Web-based Software Testing
By Brett Nuckles

Jeff Lusenhop's dream is for web developers and testers to work better, faster and more intuitively than ever before.

As founder of Janova, a New Albany startup touting a new approach to software testing, Lusenhop says that web developers can stop fretting over confusing, complicated code and start focusing on bringing together their websites and web applications the way they originally envisioned them.

"This is a product that can help any development team work faster, save money and extend their reach," Lusenhop said.

The idea, he said, is that developers should be able to define their product in plain English, allowing the software to take care of the heavy lifting with behind-the-scenes coding. That's what his web-based testing platform, Janova, is designed to do.

But for web developers, implementing features isn't always the hard part. Thorough testing, Lusenhop said, traditionally takes days to complete. Janova isn't the first automated testing tool for web developers, but Lusenhop says that it incorporates innovative new ideas that make it the best and simplest testing tool yet.

The 57-year-old New Albany resident's journey started in January 2008 when he had just five employees behind him under the umbrella of the software consulting firm he founded -- Arc Consultants.

As his small team dabbled in software implementation, they began to notice that many of the tools of the trade were simply inadequate, Lusenhop said.

"We started to see how rudimentary testing approaches were," he said. "We knew that we could do it better."

Lusenhop began to investigate all the options available to software developers in the online, open-source world, but nothing he could find was up to par, he said. The team began to piece together a new testing platform, implementing features that other offerings lacked.

"It still wasn't what we wanted but we knew that we had something good," he said. "We were doing testing in a way that couldn't have been accomplished before. It was a whole new environment."

Less than three years later, that environment is now called Janova -- what Lusenhop says is the first ever web-based, automated software testing tool in plain English.

The driving force behind Lusenhop's product isn't just automated testing.The innovation, he said, is that the it reports back to the developer once testing has finished, showing not just where it failed but why it failed. It's a common-sense approach that could spare testers from hours of trouble-shooting, he said.

The software platform, he said, does all the heavy lifting. Testers can define their workflow in language that any member of a software development team can understand, allowing for quicker and easier communication between members.

"You have to be pretty technical in order to use other testing tools," he said. "Organizations buy them and find that they're too complex to really use day-to-day."

It also means a higher degree of collaboration throughout the development process, with designers working alongside developers, Lusenhop said.

"With this tool, you can come in after me and easily see exactly what I've done," he said. "That's a really unique step forward for this field."

And because the platform is web-based rather than software-based, it is far cheaper than the alternatives, Lusenhop said.

Standing strong behind the new Janova brand, his team has grown from five consultants to a software development group 45 members strong, and Lusenhop's company represents an addition to New Albany's business sector.

"We are just really excited to be a part of the New Albany business community," Lusenhop said. "There's a lot of tech savvy people here, and the right infrastructure to allow continued growth well into the future."

Central Ohio residents with a strong software testing or computer science background could have a bright future with the company, Lusenhop said.

"Our plans for growth are pretty aggressive," he said. "We're going to need more and more space, and more and more people."

The Janova platform will launch in late September, when new users will be able to sign up for a 30-day free trial. Starting next year, the testing tool will be released in multiple languages, and the Janova team will continue to listen to developers to expand and refine their product.

"There's never been a more exciting time to be in software development," Lusenhop said. "When you think about where this all could go, the sky's the limit."

Lusenhop hasmore than 30 years of experience in the information systems field. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science as well as his master's degree in management from Purdue University. In the years since, he has held chief information officer positions with NCR Europe, AT&T International and Nationwide Insurance. Before he founded Arc Consultants, he founded another company, Connaissance Consulting.

"We started to see how rudimentary testing approaches were. We knew that we could do it better."

Article printed in the August 5, 2010 edition of the New Albany News
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