One of the main issues companies face when implementing web-based software testing applications is that there is a distinct lack of communication between the entire project team. This process typically fosters inconsistent results. When a system is ready for acceptance testing, QA has developed test scripts/cases that no longer match the requirements. With release schedules being tight, regression testing often takes a lower priority than iteration testing and may be ignored all together. Another issue that teams face is the ability to quickly and effectively handle cross-platform/browser testing. IT budgets typically do not allow for this type of testing and the expense is usually compounded with the hardware constraints.


Janova's approach, with its use of plain English, eliminates the need to know complicated code and business rules become the automated test itself; when one changes, they all change. Tests can be easily and quickly modified without worrying whether or not the entire system will break. Janova stores the tests, validates their development and tests your Application, clearly documenting this process so that your entire team, from Business Analysts to Developers to Quality Assurance testers, are on the same page.

Our offering can be utilized as a subscription based service with no up-front cost and no long-term commitment.

Janova is an automated software testing tool that speaks in plain English. Using web based application testing, our software performance testing works behind the scenes through a cloud-based system of workers. A web application test can be created in seconds in English vernacular eliminating the need to know complicated code and clearly communicates the requirements of your software quality assurance testing.