At Janova, we offer world-class implementation services for our software testing products. Enterprise Services will put an Account Manager and a team of experienced Quality Analysts on your account in order to implement Janova effectively across your organization. During this time our staff will assist you in the creation of your Janova software testing for your specific web application.

We provide more than just a software testing tool. We provide a service of the highest caliber. We work with you, side-by-side, to ensure your complete satisfaction. It’s our dedication to these services that set us apart from other software testing products. Furthermore, it’s this dedication that ensures an efficient and effective software testing tool to enhance your organization.

For your convenience, we’ve mapped out the features and benefits of our Enterprise Software Testing Services.

Enterprise Automated Testing Services

•    Extended, Negotiated Engagement
•    Account Manager
•    Team of Experienced Quality Analysts
•    Agile Methodology Training
•    Free Agile Project Management Tool
•    Focused One-on-One Support

•    Teams can access and work on multiple applications using our testing tool
•    Personal training on how to use Janova, specifically to your application
•    One-on-one support ensures a successful implementation
•    Agile training that promotes self-motivation, teamwork and accountability
•    A lasting and long-term relationship with Janova and automated testing

Janova is an automated software testing tool that speaks in plain English. Using web based application testing, our software performance testing works behind the scenes through a cloud-based system of workers. A web application test can be created in seconds in English vernacular eliminating the need to know complicated code and clearly communicates the requirements of your software quality assurance testing.