We would never drop a software testing tool in your lap and send you on your way. We do more than merely sell a product. We sell a service. A service that we design around your organization’s needs to ensure your complete satisfaction. We aim to provide an efficient and effective software testing tool that will enhance your organization.

A Janova expert will lead on-site or online classes customized to your organization’s needs. We will educate your staff and management team on how to effectively use our automated software testing tool and provide any support needed.

At Janova, we’re dedicated to providing a software testing tool that makes a difference. We want you to see results. And, between our easy-to-use tool and expert training, we believe you’ll do just that—see results. After all, that’s your goal. And it’s an attainable goal.

Our Janova experts train your employees to become Janova experts. Instead of throwing an instruction manual at you, we offer a personal, classroom-style training program. Your employees will learn the ins and outs of our easy-to-use software testing tool. The sooner your staff begins to effectively use Janova, the sooner you will see results.

The sooner your staff begins to effectively use Janova, the sooner you will see results.


Software Testing Training - Onsite Testing Tool Training

Janova is an automated software testing tool that speaks in plain English. Using web based application testing, our software performance testing works behind the scenes through a cloud-based system of workers. A web application test can be created in seconds in English vernacular eliminating the need to know complicated code and clearly communicates the requirements of your software quality assurance testing.